“ZRAHAPAT” Plate Carrier, v1.3
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The main features of the system include:
  • Quick release system
  • Adjustable ergonomics to the body of a particular operator
  • All components are created for standard sizes of third-party products (armor plates, magazine/grenade pouches, etc.)
  • Solutions for connecting elements to each other are the most functional, strong, lightweight and comfortable for the operator (QD fittings, Velcro, MOLLE/PALS system)
  • Modularity allows the most optimal selection of components for a specific task Front and back parts of “Zrahapat” plate carrier are equipped with compartments for standard ESAPI rigid armor plates corresponding to international M-L sizes (9 ½ - 10 ⅛ inches by 12 ½ - 13 ¼ inches (241-260 mm x 318-337 mm). With additional modules to enlarge protection area can be assembled to heavier load-bearing – side hard plates combined with flexible panel similar to front/back panels, continuous neck gaiter, limbs, abdominal and groin protection elements hold NIJ lIIIA compatible Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) inserts.

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - Fabrics, threads and accessories from top manufacturers such as CORDURA INVISTA and 2M DUE EMME.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Main load-bearing elements are made using original CORDURA INVISTA 1000D to insure reliability, supporting elements made of the same CORDURA INVISTA 500/1000 D to reduce weight without compromising structural integrity. Shoulder straps are continuous to the mass center and below to bear and distribute weights better. All components are triple stitched.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Generous adjustment on cummerbund with both one time for a particular operator as well as quick adjustment using G-HOOKs for both types of adjustments, extra webbing equipped with tip fold holding velcro. Shoulder straps adjust quickly as well with double fixation.
  • ERGONOMICS - Angled shoulder straps allow more room for the neck to move around, transferring load away from trapezius muscles to reduce fatigue. Generous usage of 10mm 3D spacer mesh panels allow for greater ventilation to reduce overheating and better vapor escape. Shoulder pads with added closed cell foam layer to add to comfort while carrying heavy loads.

  • MODULARITY - Plate carrier is equipped with a maximum amount of PALS/MOLLE webbing to receive various pouches for various uses, assault backpack can be added with some hardware upgrade. Additional armor elements for neck, abdominal, limbs, groin can be attached for added protection․ Variety of cummerbunds are available.
  • FUNCTIONALITY - Layout allows the operator to keep mobility while having short blood circulation protected. Rapid release system ROC allows momentarily access to the chest area in situations of urgent first aid in combat situations. Removable padding at stock to shoulder point to reduce the recoil impact from larger calibers and ensure better grip. Possibility to integrate maximum amount of pouches for extra load of ammo. Built in compartment for emergency mag with holder on cummerbund.
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