In March 2021, we established the ZGST research and development center to create our own line of the most necessary and special products.

Presently, our R&D center has created more than 40 types of products (from Alpine Winter Camouflage kit to armor plate carriers).

Our products have been tested in real conditions and received the most positive feedback from experienced users.

ZGST R&D center uses both personal experience and feedback from specialists in various industries, as well as the achievements of world leaders in this industry and the experience of the best engineering centers in Armenia, thus achieving high results․

Products of our company have steady demand; we regularly receive requests from experienced users for current products and the designing of new clothing and equipment models.

Our own manufacturing base and high professionalism of R&D team make it possible to elaborate and manufacture products without any compromises.
Our factory
Along with the R&D, ZGST team established a factory for manufacturing special wear and gear, using both strong and versatile materials and fabrics.

We created a friendly and professional team that ensures consistent quality of our products.

Team has developed clear procedures and protocols that allow us to quickly put in place the skills of sewing innovative models, and are also the basis for arranging work on the production facilities of partner companies/ subcontractors with a full cycle of quality control.

The manufacturing base of ZGST is constantly expanding and improving to achieve the maximum reasonable process automation.

The goal of our management team is to develop a large-scale research and production corporation, which will develop innovative products and manufacture them in its own production base.

45-th Nor Aresh str., 80

Yerevan, 0020, Yerevan, Armenia

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