About Us

ZGST was founded in March 2021 by a group of like-minded partners and investors. ZGST develops and produces special wear and gear.

ZGST is the first project of a broader initiative to form an investment fund, in which funds will be accumulated on the principles of payment and repayment, and will be directed to the development of the industrial, scientific and engineering potential of the Republic of Armenia, especially in the security field.

Our company has already completed the first stage of the investment project, having formed a highly qualified R&D center, as well as a specialized production site for a garment factory. The investment plan for the second stage of the project development is being specified.

By transforming the concept of supporting the Armenian state from “transfers” to “useful investments”, the ZGST investor community actually sets an example of successful creation of growth point in the homeland and encourages all like-minded people to join further initiatives in this area.


45-th Nor Aresh str., 80

Yerevan, 0020, Yerevan, Armenia

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