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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) of the official website of LLC “ZGST” (hereinafter referred to as ZGST) (hereinafter referred to as the Site) defines general provisions on the processing, application and protection of personal data of visitors and customers (hereinafter referred to as the User) The site.

This disclosure is related to website and is intended for all users who access it: both those who use the site without logging in and to those who login, as a result of any registration process, using any possible services dedicated to registered users, e-commerce, ...

Other Internet sites to which you may access through links/hyperlinks are excluded from this statement. The respective policies for privacy and cookies apply for such sites.

Objective of data processing

Personal data can be used to send emails with commercial contents, but only with explicit consent. In any case, data can never be tendered to third parties for such use.

Processed data

Implicit navigation data

Although you can view the website without providing any personal information, software and servers that make the Site functional acquire some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet. This information is not collected for identification purposes or association to specific persons; despite that, by their nature and composition they may allow the identification of the user in certain cases.

This category includes the IP addresses of computers used by users who connect to the website, the address (URL) of the requested resources, date and time of the request, response data, ...

The purpose of collecting this data is to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site (such as, in particular, the number of hits to the pages) and to check the proper functioning. They are deleted immediately after processing.

This process is not targeted to receive information which directly identify users.

Inclusions of third-party code on this site may collect other data about the user, in particular this can be done by monitoring services and visitor statistics (such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords) and social networking plugins (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, ...).

Data explicitly provided by the user

The user can explicitly provide data for access to certain features of the site, such as restricted area, contact form and e-commerce. These data (such as shipping address) are communicated with the exclusive purpose of allowing the owner the supply of the services requested.

The Web site may allow the newsletter subscription (mailing list). The e-mail address is provided voluntarily by the user will be used to provide communications by the Owner. The registration can be canceled at any time.


Cookies are small bits of text that a website sends to the client (user's navigation software/browser). The client stores the information locally and transmits it back to the server (Web site) in a subsequent access, be it immediate or referred to a future visit.

A cookie contains some service data (date and time, duration, the site from which it comes) and a textual content which is usually a numerical code. This code is used to make the user experience more comfortable allowing, for example, the Web site to remember viewing preferences, contents of the cart in the case of e-commerce, ...

In no event, our cookies will be used for the purpose of tracking specific behaviors of the user.

The Web site uses both temporary cookies (session, lasting only the time of a visit) and permanent (lasting more visits agreement time).

Third Party Cookies

Inclusions of third-party code on this site may send other cookies to the user, in particular this can be done by visitor statistics services (such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords) and social networking plug-ins (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ , options, ...).

Regarding the privacy related to these cookies, please refer to the policy of the respective suppliers.

Information collected with cookies

We use both session cookies and permanent for:

  • allow the Web site to remember user data such as browsing preferences and login details, so you do not have to re-enter all your information moving from one page to another;
  • statistics (anonymous) aimed at improving the site.

In no case cookies will be used to specifically profile single users.

More information about cookies and the rights of the user are available here:

Optional nature of data provisioning

Excluding implicit navigation data, the user is free to decide to provide personal data for newsletter, registration, e-commerce, contacts and other services. The absence of data provisioning can make use of these services impossible.

Voluntary provisioning of cookies and elimination of them.

Acceptance of cookies is optional for the user, who can configure his/here client (browser) to refuse them. In this case, however, it may not be possible to use all of the site services, or this may cause defects in the enjoyment.

The user can easily delete any cookies received following the procedures provided by the specific browser.

Processing methods

Personal data are processed by automated tools for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. Specific security measures are taken to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.

The personal information the User provides will not be disclosed to third parties or disseminated.

The User personal information will be retained only for the time necessary to ensure the proper performance of the services required, except any specific legal obligations on the retention of accounting documentation or for purposes of public security.

Some data may be stored for an indefinite time in order to provide specific services to the user. For example, for e-commerce functionality shipment data can be remembered in order to avoid the user inserting new orders.

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