Boonie hat
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The boonie hat is made of high-quality Cordura fabric. It is designed to protect the head from the sun when performing various tasks of a tactical nature. It can be worn by both employees of military units and citizens who like the military style.
Boonie hat has wavy fields, which allows it to open the view of the target and not to interfere while shooting in a prone position. There is a ventilation mesh around the whole perimeter to ensure breathability. There is an elastic band with a stopper in the crown area to adjust the size and tension of the boonie hat.

  1. The main CORDURA INVISTA 500D fabric with polyurethane coating providing excellent water-resistant qualities, is made of NYLON 6.6 for increased wear resistance, with a finishing to protect against UV.
  2. Concealment mesh A-TACS IX from “Camo Fabric Depot” manufacturer.
  3. Plastic accessories with IRR by DUE EMME ITALIA.
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